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I am very excited about this! I have set up my Get It Done! crystals since I have a lot to get done lately! I decided to give some as gifts and re-vamped this collection to include other crystals with properties that cover more of the resolutions I make each year! The collection includes:

  • Amethyst for helping to overcome bad habits and to bring feelings of peace and serenity
  •  Apatite for inspiration, keeping focused, will-power and motivation. (this is also used very frequently in weight loss grids :)
  • Kunzite for ridding us of those compulsive behaviors that keep us from our goals.
  • Jade is for luck, happiness, love, abundance and prosperity.
  • Ocean Jasper is joyful, fosters cooperation in groups, and helps one to acclimate to new people and situations.
  •  Rose Quartz is for calm, peace, love, comfort and nurturing.
  •  Sodalite encourages positive changes.
  •  Hematite for staying “on task” and focus.
  •  Clear Quartz to release negativity & amplifying your own and crystal energies.
  •  Red/Brecciated Jasper to increase creative energy and channel that energy into positive action.

Since I was giving these as gifts I made an info sheet and gift tags as some of the people receiving them are new or unfamiliar with crystal metaphysical properties.

The collection includes the nine tumbled stones and the rough kunzite mentioned above (the Jade and Apatite are a nice size :)  an info sheet, a gift tag including the names and properties of the crystals, and a velvet pouch. Each crystal will be bagged with its name so the recipient can identify the crystal by name before they place them in the pouch.

I can make up several more of these if you are interested in one for yourself or to gift to someone :)

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