Gaia Stone – Gaia Stone was discovered by workers in the surrounding area of Mt. St. Helens after the volcanic eruption several years ago. They discovered that when the volcanic ash was heated it quickly became a glassy green material of a beautiful color. The fact that this stone actually evolved from a volcanic eruption into this beautiful glassy stone is amazing, and accordingly, it carries a very strong Earth energy. The origins of this stone makes makes it very special.

These are used for self-healing of emotional wounds and for those who wish to act from the heart. – emotional healing, love, compassion 
Galaxite (Galaxyite) – Galaxite emits a poweriul light energy from planetary sources and beings, to the soul
the user.
Awakens the subconscious mind and promotes intellectual, intuitive and mystical wisdom. It also eases stress and anxiety. Galaxite is helpful for astral travel and astral projection. – clears, balances and protects aura 

Galena – sometimes called a Stone of Harmony brings healing, calm and insight. It is a very strong grounding stone that brings both the strength and courage needed to deal with difficult situations, while helping one to overcome deep rooted fears. Galena is used by crystal healers to help counter addictions, and infections and to support cancer and detoxification treatments. It is also used to facilitate past life recall and for assisting one on the path of deep reflection and self-acceptance. – healing, calm, insight, grounding, addictions, past life recall, self reflection –


Garnet – This is a stone of purity and truth, in addition to being a symbol of love and compassion. A highly protective stone that increases confidence and security. It can bring order to chaos. It is said to bring positive thoughts and to be excellent for manifestation. It can also assist mystically with success in ones career and building ones self-confidence. It is known to produce flashes of insight to guide in your decisions.

Garnet works with the Root Chakra and brings serenity or passion, depending on your needs at the time, balances the sex drive and can inspire love. – brings courage, energy booster, strengthens survival instinct 

Garnierite, (Green Moonstone) – The combination of Moonstone (a feldspar) that includes the lovely green hues of garnierite which come from nickel ore within the stone is sometimes referred to as Green Moonstone.  It is a lovely, calming stone that resonates with the Heart Chakra and is helpful when emotions are overwhelmed, or you are experiencing stress or anxiety.  It also has some grounding properties that assist in returning to an emotional balance.


Girasol (Girasol Opal, Girasol Quartz) – Girasol is found in Madagascar and gets its milky sheen from its aluminum content. It is said to have powerful, but gentle energy which encourages feelings of calm, optimism, hope and relaxation. It enhances creativity and encourages one to have more focus. Girasol can bring help to balance the emotions and by doing this can be effective for impulse control.


Graphic Felspar (sometimes called Zebradorite) – This crystal is made up of Feldspar with deposits of Smoky Quartz which adds grounding and protection properties. It is said to bring great peace during times of trauma. It encourages cooperation between individuals and groups of people and is said to be wonderful for instilling a sense of self-confidence and helping with self-esteem, emotional strength and courage. One of its uses is to help you to find new and different ways to achieve your goals.