Quantum Quattro - is a combination of Shattuckite, Dioptase, malachite & chrysocolla. A high energy stone for emotional healing, trauma, spiritual insight & clarity. 

Quartz, Black (Tibetan) - is an excellent crystal for spiritual protection and for bringing clear, purifying and protective energy to a space.

Tibetan black quartz point
Tibetan Black Quartz Point

Quartz, Blue - is good for calming and tranquility, as well as improving communication. It helps one to be more diplomatic and can be useful in communication with the Spiritual Realm.

blue quartz wands
Blue Quartz Wands

Quartz, Clear - is fabulous for healing with and amplifying energy. It is most likely the most versatile "multipurpose" crystal you can find. It stimulates other crystals so it is wonderful to be used in grid layouts. It works with all the chakras and is considered to be a "Stone of Power". Encourages and amplifies positive thinking and thought. Quartz crystals have been considered to be sacred powerful tools in many different cultures and traditions. Clear Quartz amplifies, focuses, stores and transfers energy and is considered to be a master healer. Clear Quartz spheres have been traditionally used for scrying and enhancing psychic abilities. It is also said to promote psychic dreams during sleep. Clear Quartz has many uses in healing and magical rituals. Clear Quartz is used in healing rituals, but can also be used to aid healing in general. - aura cleansing, harmony, energy amplifier -

clear quartz

Clear Quartz Wands

Quartz, Elestial - (see Elestial Himalayan Quartz)
Quartz, Faerie (Fairy Quartz) - (see Faerie Quartz)

Quartz, Golden Healer - Golden Healer is a spiritual that aligns all the chakras and enhances a feeling of joy. It is know to be a crystal that can amplify and can facilitate spiritual communications. It is a master healer and a high vibrational crystal, multi-purpose healing crystal. Good meditation crystals that are also used to encourage clairvoyance. They have a good healing energy, including working on emotional issues.

golden healer
Golden Healer Double Terminate Polished Points

Quartz, Hematoid (Fire Quartz) - Fire Quartz is great to have when you are simply feeling "all over the place" or just have that scattered feeling. It is useful for calming you when you are feeling anxious and for balancing the Chakras. It is a highly energetic quartz that assists in removing feelings of negative energies. The Quartz amplifies positive, and other crystals, energies and the hematite is grounding, balancing and centering. It transmutes energy into a positive feeling bringing a sense of positive light and love.

fire hematoid quartz sphere

Fire Quartz Sphere

Quartz, Rose, (Rose Quartz) - For anyone starting out in crystal healing or meditation I highly recommend adding Rose Quartz to your collection early on. It is a happy and loving stone that not only reduces stress and emotional turmoil, but also can raise ones feelings of self esteem and self worth. This stone is deeply in tune with your emotional states so it should be re-tuned periodically. It stimulates love and forgiveness, and heals emotional hurts such as loss, fear, low confidence, resentment and anger. Rose Quartz brings a warm, nurturing and loving energy to its environment and is very soothing to the heart.

Rose Quartz heals emotional hurts such as loss, fear, low confidence, resentment and anger and it encourages forgiveness. It also brings a nurturing, loving, calming atmosphere. Its ability to encourage self-love helps to combat inner fears & trauma. It is soothing to the heart and is a good crystal to carry and use in grids when one is experiencing any kind of emotional upheaval or trauma. Comforts during times of grief, and aids with dealing with changes that we are having difficulty accepting. It aids with insomnia, is an aphrodisiac and wonderful for pregnant mothers to be. It is a calming and reassuring stone that should be part of everyone's crystal tool kit. - love, peace, calming, beauty, soothing, emotional healing, nurturing, comforting, self worth -

rose quartz pebbles

Rose Quartz Hand Pebbles

Quartz, Rutilated - is a powerful manifesting stone and a good energy booster stone that is also credited with improving communication, easing depression and increasing clairvoyance. It has more intensity than clear quartz and transmutes negativity. It can enhance communication with spirit guides.

rutilated quartz skull

Rutilated Quartz Skull

Quartz, Smoky - Smoky Quartz is helpful in gradually eliminating feelings of negativity and emotional blockages. It is also good for encouraging, or grounding, your desired intentions in reality, so in effect, they become more attainable. It is said to assist you in recognizing the things you need to do in order to reach those goals It can enhance ones communication skills, is mood elevating and it bolsters inner strength while helping one to overcome negative emotions. As it fosters group cooperation it is a good stone to have in the workplace or a cooperative situation. It is also said to assist with fertility, grounding and protection, as well as boosting personal pride. - fertility, grounding, protection, inner strength -

smoky quartz bracelets

Smoky Quartz Bracelets

Quartz, Strawberry (red and green) - Strawberry quartz is a pink hued variety of quartz which gets its beautiful color from the inclusion of goethite and iron oxide.  An amplifier of feelings of universal love, gratitude, fondness and generosity.  It is also a good stone to carry when you are exploring your spiritual path and purpose.  Green strawberry quartz gets its beautiful green color from inclusions of mica and green fuchsite.  These varieties come from places such as Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Strawberry Quartz is not to be confused with cherry quartz which is a man made material.

Strawberry Quartz Hearts