Faerie Quartz (Fairy Crystals) – A lovely, soothing crystal with a peaceful and calming energy. It is excellent to place in a room where families or groups gather due to its calming influence. It’s lovely, sparkly dusting of reflective crystals over the quartz fingers or clusters is very appealing and intriguing. It is a carefree crystal with a brightness and joyful energy that aids in dispelling stress, emotional pain and stress. It is considered a nice general healing crystal that brings with it a cheerful energy that is excellent for meditation. This crystal is used by crystal healers to lessen pain and overall healing. Faerie Quartz possesses the qualities of “Quartz”. – stress, calm, peaceful, cheer, healing, depression


Feldspar – is excellent in helping one in detaching from the old, encouraging unconventional and positive ways to attain ones goals. It provides tor support in issues of seIf-awareness and self-love. It assists one in locating lost or misplaced items and works to help us discover and understand previously unidentified messages from both within and without.Feldspar helps us to find unconventional and exciting ways to reach our goals. – stone of creativity, astral travel


Fluorite – Opens the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras and aligns the spirit with the physical plane. Flourite produces an energy that promotes aptitude, discernment and is said to assist with creating order from chaos. It provides a stabilizing energy, helping relationships and individuals flourish in a realm which is beneficial to both.In addition to cleansing and stabilizing the aura, it absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress.

Fluorite is also helpful for inspiring new ideas and keeping you focused and on task. Concentration is increased as well as self confidence, while it balances the positive and negative relationship of the mind. Fluorite heightens your intuitive powers and also helps you to see both reality and truth behind illusion, it encourages and sustains the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being. – aids in learning, energy balancer – Chakra: Brow/Third Eye, Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius


Fuchsite – Encourages one to be lighthearted, compassionate and brings friendliness. Fuschite is an excellent stone for healers, because enhances the power of other minerals. It assists you during meditation, to access information regarding your life path. It opens the third eye chakra. – caring, crystal enhancer


Fulgurite, is sometimes called “Fossilized Lightning” due to the fact that this material is formed when lightning hits sand, silica, or rock fusing the raw material into a hollow tubelike shape. Metaphysically, fulgurite is considered to be excellent for manifestation.

Fulgurite – is said to support clairaudience and to encourage one to filter out “noise” to enable the understanding of messages or guidance from the universe or other realms. Fulgurite is also used to enhance dreams or the remembrance of dreams.