Crystal Gemstone Wish Bracelet FB3311

Material: Amethyst
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Handcrafted in the US we love this latest addition to our crystal bracelets

These are hand crafted with Tan Natural Hemp Cord and includes a Stone Inspiration Card and Glass Beads.

Natural hemp cord is always used as it is eco-friendly 🌾

As these are Wishing Bracelets, it's to be expected to naturally fall off over time, it's designed to do so. Most bracelets typically last weeks to months. It all depends on the person wearing it.

Make a wish then tie it on your wrist!

  • Moss Agate - gold glass beads and moss agate stone
  • Amethyst - gold glass beads and amethyst stone
  • Lapis - gold glass beads and lapis lazuli stone
  • Malachite - gold glass beads and malachite stone
  • Citrine - gold glass beads and citrine stone

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