Clear Vegan Soap with Tumbled Stones and Light & Bright Scents FB2274

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I have a custom order for these soaps and have a bit of time to add to the package if you would like to add one of these amazing clear soaps with crystals to your collection or gift giving.

These crystal embedded soaps include a beautiful tumbled stone. These soaps were created to be clear with a vegan glycerin soap base so you can see the crystal in the center.
These are also packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap and a transparent label so you can see the crystal even through the packaging.
ELYSIAN AMETHYST: includes an amethyst tumbled stone complementing a light and bright Elysian scent.
CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION: Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, comforting the nervous system and helping to ease tension and fear.

SCENT DESCRIPTION: Lush berry and bay leaf scent. Sweet with a citrus edge that makes this fragrance bright and inviting.
HALCYON ROSE QUARTZ: This soap features a rose quartz as well as the popular halcyon scent, which is sweet and juicy.
CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION: Rose quartz opens you to receive all kinds of love. Helping to restore trust in your relationships.
SCENT DESCRIPTION: Black currant mixes with fig to give you a sweet, juicy fragrance. Amber rounds out the fragrance to make it perfect for any season.
ETHEREAL FLUORITE: This soap features rainbow fluorite as well as a lovely ethereal scent, which is warm and versatile with notes of cedar and vanilla.

CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION: Rainbow fluorite is the perfect stone for grounding, mental clarity and opening your senses to spiritual energy.
SCENT DESCRIPTION: A mix of cedar and vanilla blend together to make a warm scent.
TRANSCENDENT AVENTURINE: This soap features Green Aventurine as well as another popular scent, called Transcendent, which is powerful and features notes of sandalwood and leather.

CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION: Green Aventurine is the stone of prosperity and purpose, bringing luck, strength, and joy.

SCENT DESCRIPTION: A blend of sandalwood and leather - with iris and violet to give you a warm, inviting scent.
Made in United States

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