Chakra Gemstone Sterling Silver Handcrafted Earrings FB1050

Style: Square Cut stones
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Here are more of the very lovely handcrafted Chakra gemstone pieces that I chose along with the other silver pieces I recently purchased.
Beautifully faceted, polished and set, these are eye-catching pieces with gemstones specifically chosen to represent each chakra. The stones are amethyst, Iolite, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, carnelian and garnet.
[square cut stones] Sterling Silver Chakra Earrings- $55.00
[tree] Sterling Silver Chakra Earrings- $63.00
[leaf shape cut stones] Sterling Silver Chakra Earrings- $63.00
[round cut stones] Sterling Silver Chakra Earrings- $69.00
The bottom 4 or 5 stones in the round cut stone earrings move. They are in a flexible setting which is pretty nice :)
Each piece has been placed in one of our copper pyramids to be bathed in moonlight after re-tuning with vibrational sound with one of our Moon or other planetary tuning forks.
Each piece of jewelry also comes with a crystal description card and is beautifully gift boxed :)

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