Jade – Jade is the Stone of Spiritual Wealth, and it is best known for it’s ability to attract financial stability and all kinds of prosperity. It is said to open up the Heart Chakra to love and can help one to be more nurturing. Jade helps to bring healing, prosperity and serenity into your life. A protective stone, its vibrations work to keep harm at bay and to attract harmony, good luck, and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and integrates mind and body by promoting self-sufficiency. Green Jade is said to lend to harmonious relationships. It promotes insightful dreams and is said to release irritability. Jade has nourishing and harmonious vibrations. – abundance, wealth, harmony, prosperity, fidelity, love, money, protection, peace, health, enjoyment, fertility, generosity, balance 

Jadeite and Nephrite Jade – in metaphysical terms, both Nephrite and Jadeite refer to Jade. helps to alleviate feelings of guilt, promotes calmness and encourages the repair of relationships as it opens up the heart to feelings of love. Good for aiding groups to work together more cohesively. A gentle healing stone, it is said to bring one fortune and prosperity. Possesses the metaphysical properties of Jade. It can encourage self-esteem and self-love. – lucid dreaming, repels negativity 


Jasper, general – It is considered to be a nurturing stone and is said to align the chakra energies. Called the Supreme Nurturer, this stone is warm, comforting and is known to protect against negativity and gives one a feeling of being grounded. In the ancient world Jasper was revered for its medicinal and spiritual values. It’s name can be found as far back as ancient the Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Latin languages. Like many other crystals it also has been used for centuries by civilizations and cultures around the world for its unique properties. It was called ”the great rain bringer” in the fourth century, and legend has it that jasper would protect against snake and spider bites, and that it had the ability to drive away evil spirits.

Jasper is a good stone to use in a medicine pouch or grid when one is working on healing, as it is a sustaining stone. It is also credited with helping one to maintain a positive attitude.


Jasper, Brecciated – Brecciated Jasper is commonly believed to be a calming stone. Its nurturing energy is said to bring happiness and repel negative feelings. It is an inspiring stone for those looking for balance in their lives. This beautiful jasper is thought to help its wearer find a positive outlook in life and achieve a sense of tranquility. It is used by many to increase creative energy and to channel that energy into positive action. This is a great stone to provide inspiration and motivation. Brecciated jasper is believed to help to ease stress and increase focus on goals at work, or to stimulate artistic inspiration.

Brecciated jasper is also thought to provide mental clarity and focus to its wearer. The uplifting stone may help to increase organization and decrease stress. It is a wonderful stone for those looking for balance and clarity in their lives. 


Jasper, Bumblebee – A lively, joyous stone that lifts spirits, inspires creative inspiration & to boost confidence. Helps one to accept change and to find new opportunities.

Jasper, Dalmatian (Dalmatian Stone) – This stone is said to encourage strong family bonds and to strengthen long term friendships, while encouraging emotional harmony and fidelity. It helps to create an atmosphere of cooperation and team work in the workplace. Many times it is used as an excellent tool against smoking by bolstering the resolve to quit and it is know to provide the determination to succeed. It is also used to guard against nightmares and fears associated with sleeping.

Known as a stone with an affinity towards pets, especially dogs, it helps one to overcome irrational fears of dogs and to help one develop a level of communication with your pet.


Jasper, Leopardskin – is a wonderful crystal for those who work children or animals. It supports the process of emotional healing, and is used for channeling totem animals. It is used in healing grids and helps to foster strength, vitality and helps one to self-heal.


Jasper, Ocean – Ocean Jasper comes only from Madagascar and is a relatively new stone, re-discovered in 1999. It is a stone of attunement which makes it great for crystal grids as it helps the other crystals in the grid combine their mixed energies. It also is a good stone to use when experiencing a major life change such as moving, or a new job, as it helps one to acclimate to new places, people and situations, inner and external. This lovely crystal stimulates the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. It is frequently described by crystal workers as cleansing, soothing and supportive of well-being. It is positively associated with feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment.

Ocean Jasper possesses all the qualities of Jasper. This powerful crystal is credited with lifting negativity enabling you to fully appreciate life’s blessings. It also increases ones expression of love by both words and actions. It is wonderful for creating an atmosphere of cooperation and relaxation in the home or at work. It can also help with bringing the positive aspects of one’s life into focus.


Jasper, Picture – this jasper is credited with opening ones mind in the areas of meditation, visions, ideas and travel. It can expand the mind to ideas of invention and expand creativity. In addition this jasper is also linked to the ancient realm of the ascended masters, so sharing knowledge with the user is also part of this stone’s gift. A great stone for grounding and soaking up negativity Jaspers are also believed to increase fertility and to encourage healthy pregnancies. Picture Jasper encourages confidence and to take initiative making it a wonderful stone for business pursuits. This stone is good for use in an amulet pouch or crystal medicine bag.


Jasper, Polychrome – is a fairly new find (sometime around mid 2000’s) (also goes by Desert Jasper) It is a wonderful grounding stone which is also good for stability and when you feel you need some balance in your life. Use this stone when you feel things are reeling a bit and you need to get your feet back on the ground and need focus to get things done. It is a very nurturing stone that can bring you some tranquility. It also is good to use when you need some support during stressful times.


Jasper, Poppy – is a type of brecciated jasper and like Dalmatian Jasper is a wonderful stone to use to help connect with and attune to animals. It helps to improve ones general outlook and to ease stress. It can have an uplifting effect on you and help you to be motivated in areas where you may be lacking enthusiasm.


Jasper, Red – can help one recognize a solution to a problem and helps one to recall dreams and to be better able to interpret the messages in those dreams. It is called the Nurturing Stone, and has been called the Supreme Nurturer. It is a warm and comforting stone and is also considered to be a stone of protection. It encourages turning your ideas into action and helps one with the ability to be organized. To help you remember dreams you can sleep with red jasper under your pillow.
Encourages insight into difficult situations, it is also credited with easing emotional stress. A good stone to be included in chakra layout, and it is also used for protection from dangers in physical situations. Also possesses the metaphysical properties of Jasper, general – It is a protection stone for the night. Jasper is known to send out calming vibrations so it’s great to use in a personal amulet pouch or crystal medicine bag. – stability, confidence, security, transformation

Jasper, Yellow – encourages positive energy and is a calming stone, especially with regard to calming nerves and emotional upset. Also possesses the metaphysical properties of Jasper, general – protection, visualization, inspiration


Jet – a form of fossilized wood, has since the Stone Age been used as a talisman. It is considered to be a good stone with regard to finances and protecting businesses, and even for protection during spiritual journeying. A good stone to alleviate fear, balance mood swings and depression, and to guard against nightmares. –sympathy, psychic awareness, insomnia