Malachite – has a high copper content which lends to a steady energy. Can stimulate psychic vision and concentration. Cleanses the auric field, and is said to release and draw out pain. It is considered to be a powerful protection stone. It is useful for intuition, imagination and creativity.

Great for love as it can bring stability and balance in relationships and helps one to open your heart to others. Malachite is said to clear and activate all the Chakras and to help to reduce nightmares. – intuition, imagination, sensuality, adventure, depression, anger 


Moldavite – is an amorphous crystal (natural glasses) and unlike other tektites (usually tar black or brown glassy rocks formed from meteoric impacts) it has an unusual green color. Moldavite is believed to be the result of a meteorite shower about 15 million years ago in Czechoslovakia. According to Czech folklore it was a traditional gift for a bride and groom as the crystal was believed to bring healing and harmony to relationships.

Moldavite is one of the most prized healing crystals by healers and going back through ancient and more recent folklore you can unearth many legends and stories regarding its transformational properties. It has been credited with innumerable powerful life changes. It is considered to be among the most powerful gemstone tools. These are exceptional stones for the expansion of ones consciousness and spiritual development.

Moldavite should be included by anyone interested in crystal healing to their crystal collection as it has a prominent reputation for rapid healing and powerful life changes. It encourages inner growth, personal evolution and enhances all psychic abilities. It eases the difficult process of transformation when one is making changes for the good. Moldavite assists in bringing forth about the “best fit” in relationships (either romantic or otherwise) and livelihoods. Moldavite is good to combine with Smoky Quartz when dealing with heavy emotions and ifyou are feeling “weighed down” by people or events in your life. – energy cleansing, relationship healer, soulmate, transformative, healing stone, harmony, increases energy 


Mookaite -considered to be a soothing stone and powerful when used as a healing crystal. Mookaite Jasper is very helpful for dealing with negative situations. Lends support with ones decision making process when experiencing a dilemma and helps one to choose the best decision in a difficult situation. It encourages you to be more open-minded and flexible when considering the opinions of others. Helps one to keep moving forward and builds self-esteem, and is used in grids for weight loss. A very shielding stone that increases feelings of well-being within the user, while offering protection to the body.

A good crystal to use when dealing with loneliness and caring for children. Can facilitate contact with loved ones who have ascended to other planes and has been said to aid in communication with animals. – protection, soothes 


Moonstone – With the reputation as the “traveler’s stone”, Moonstone is commonly used for protection. It’s energy relates to new beginnings. A “good fortune” crystal, Moonstone is also credited with the ability to bring balance, encourage introspection, and reflection. It helps one to differentiate between what is desired and what one needs. When used with crystal healing, Moonstone is used to cleanse negativity from all the chakras.

This stone also stimulates confidence and composure. It brings success in love, and helps one to seek more joy and happiness in their life. It is said to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, and to support relief of the symptoms of pre-menstral stress and change of life. – self-awareness, harmony, love, divination, femininity 


Moonstone, Black – Black Moonstone is somewhat grounding and good to use in a grid to bring grounding and a feeling of being “settled”. It is said to improve concentration, particularly in a chaotic workplace. It is used for grids for injured animals and like the other colors of moonstone these are very attuned to femininity and the moon.


Moonstone, Rainbow – Rainbow Moonstone is a fabulous stone for women and in grids addressing women’s issues. Rainbow Moonstone in particular helps women to connect to their inner personal power and femininity. It is know for enhancing both intuition and lucid dreaming.


Mugglestone – is great for helping to instill a sense of motivation and is used to bring willpower, strength, vitality, confidence, and balance. It is a grounding and protection stone and is said to help protecting one from danger. It is also credited with helping you to see the truth of a situation.