Why Set up a Crystal Grid?

From start to finish I love creating crystal grids. If you are drawn to crystals and want to bring some crystal energy into your space, you can easily get started! It can be a very soothing and satisfying experience to choose sets of crystals to arrange together to create a crystal grid. You can set up a crystal grid to function as a focal point for affirmation work, for relaxing, for meditating, to ward off negative energy, or just to bring some good energy into a sacred space or other room in the house.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A Crystal Grid is simply the placement of stones and crystals, polished, rough, tumbled, or carved pieces that are arranged in a geometric or specific pattern for the purpose of focusing and amplifying energy towards a specific goal. To create a grid you simply arrange any amount of crystals in a geometric pattern. That is a crystal grid. Now, if you like, you can place this arrangement on a base, platform, or layout. The difference is that you are placing your crystal grid on top of something else other than a table top or window sill.
I almost always place my crystal grids on a tile, wood block or crystal slab.

How to make a crystal grid
When I create a grid I am asking for something I need or to bring positive energy into my home. So by giving the grid a special "platform" I feel like it elevates the crystal grid itself and enhances the request.

I usually place my crystal grids on a base or platform, which is basically the same thing; a tile, wood block or slab that I use for the purpose of arranging my grid. I always use a center stone that is larger, if possible, than the surrounding crystals to send the combined energy upwards. If I am using a paper with an affirmation written on it, or a square cut from card-stock with an image on it, I call that a layout. Basically, if you have even only a few crystals you can create a crystal grid by placing them on any surface in a geometric pattern.

Using a wood base for a crystal grid

Crystal grids are used for healing, to help us perceive positive energy directed to a person or space, or to assist and aid you to reach and connect with your guardians, the past, and the spiritual realms. They can help you balance, harmonize and boost your individual energy centers. You then activate or charge the stones and crystals with your intention and personal energy.

I use Sacred Geometry patterned tiles or layouts with many of my crystal grids. Using the geometric patterns associated with Sacred Geometry, combined with the crystals in the crystal grids creates a union between the two. When this is combined with the focused intention of the crystal grid it strengthens the energy of the grid and the positive feeling of a successful outcome. Sacred Geometry is believed by many to be the language of the Universe and by combining it in some way with your crystal grids creates a much more powerful grid.

It is easy to set up and activate your crystal healing or meditation grid. And if you are like me, you will find the process of creating your grid a very positive and relaxing experience.

They can be placed anywhere you can think of where there is a flat surface (as long as it is unlikely they will be knocked out of place or onto the floor!) - your dresser, desk, shelf or counter top. You can also arrange your Crystal Grid on a variety of objects such as tiles, wood blocks, plates, a square of fabric that you like, even a piece of paper with a pattern that appeals to you.

Crystal grid on Selenite Slab

Crystal Grids can and should only be used for any benevolent purpose. It should be for positive things that you need, and of course the intent of the grid should never have a negative impact on anyone. The desired outcome of your crystal grid can be anything from waking up with more energy to finding a soul-mate to resolving a conflict in your life.

Crystal Grids are also used by crystals healers for Reiki crystal healing, general crystal healing, and long distance healing. They can be used to increase your own well-being, to help others, or even be directed toward the world in general.