Chakra Tumbled Stones Bracelet FB3253

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This bracelet is made up of 7 tumbled stones corresponding to the seven major chakras and measures about 8" with a lobster claw clasp.

The 7 rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system. Clear Quartz: crown of the head, pituitary gland is our connection with universal energies.

  • Purple, Amethyst: Third eye chakra, middle of forehead, pineal glands represents forgiveness & compassion.
  • Blue, Sodalite: throat chakra, Thyroid gland is our physical & spiritual communication.
  • Green, Aventurine, heart chakra, thymus gland is for love and sense of responsibility.
  • Yellow, yellow aventurine, solar plexus chakra, adrenal gland represents power and ego.
  • Orange aventurine, sacral chakra, lower abdomen, pancreas gland is associated with emotion and sexuality.
  • Red, base of the spine, gonads glands represents grounding and survival

Enjoy, and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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