Barite - Barite is all about love, friendship, harmony and can be helping in identifying areas where a relationship may need some work. It can release painful feelings and emotions allowing for calm and self-assurance to follow. It is said to help one recover from addictions, remove toxins from the body and to enhance intuition. It is a great crystal to have in a group setting as it facilitates the concept of teamwork.

Native American folklore says that spirit warriors would return at night and carve and scatter barite roses.

Barite Clusters
Barite Clusters

Bloodstone - considered to be a healing stone. During the Middle Ages bloodstone was thought to have the ability to bring rain, greater consciousness, harmony and serenity. It is sometimes call the Stone of Courage. It is a stone of renewal - mental, physical and emotional and is said to aid in repairing of relationships. It is also considered to be a prosperity stone. Helps overcome anger, enables forgiveness. -prosperity, sharpens telepathy, abundance, wealth, eases emotional and physical stress, promotes safe journey -


Bloodstone Palm Stone

Boji Stones - Boji Stones are considered to be "mysterious" and originate at one source in Kansas, USA. Once the bottom of a vast, ancient ocean, the site is now fertile farmland. Boji Stones are scarce, found only around the base of a natural, pyramid-shaped mound considered the epicenter of North America. To American Indians, this is holy ground. Boji Stones are ideal for healing and balancing. Usually sold in pairs, the "male" is more crystallized, whereas the "female" is smooth. To attune to the energy of the Boji Alive Stones, place the "male" In the left hand (receptive/feminine) and the "female" in the right hand (radiant/masculine), The composition of this stone is as yet, still "undetermined". Boji Stones have also been found with "rainbow" colors upon them and it is believed that these colors expand upon the energies in the stones. The Rainbow Boji Stones are not usually found in pairs. It is an excellent energy stone, working to clean, charge and fill energy voids in the aura. - grounding stone, enhances ones personal energy field -

Rainbow Boji Stones

Rainbow Boji Stones

Bronzite - Known as the 'Stone of Courtesy', bronzite is said to enhance your state of assertiveness yet strengthen non-judgmental discernment. Bronzite is known to aid in situations where decisive action is needed in your life. Bronzite is said to aid in seeing 'the big picture' and empowering you to make difficult choices where you may normally feel reluctant, non-objective, or even powerless to do so otherwise.

Bronzite Tumbled Stones
Tumbled Bronzite

Buddstone - is also commonly referred to as African Jade. Buddstone is said to allow us to connect with the nature spirits especially with those associated with trees and plants. Helps one to strip away illusion and recognize flaws in self and others.