Zodiac "Leo" Crystal Astrology Grid - Clear Quartz, Garnet, Tiger's Eye

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ZODIAC LEO GRID - July 23, August 22
for loyal, energetic, optimistic, straight-forward, big-hearted, kind Leo

Each of the signs of the Zodiac have traditional kinship's with various crystals.  This collection was designed especially for anyone born under the sign of Leo, to carry with them or for creating a personal crystal grid.  

Using any of the crystals considered to have an affinity for your sign is said to ground and amplify the celestial energies of those crystals.  I have chosen Clear Quartz, Garnet and Tiger's Eye for this grid as they align perfectly in combination with other, or separately, for Leo.

Crystals can be placed in geometric patterns to create grids to direct energy toward a desired goal.  Many people create crystal grids to bring positive energy into their space.You will also receive a drawstring pouch to store / carry your crystals, and a pamphlet on setting up and using your crystal grid.

You will receive:

1  Tiger's Eye Crystal / Tumbled Stone
3 Clear Quartz Crystals / Tumbled Stones
3 Garnet Crystals / Tumbled Stones
1 Drawstring pouch
1 card/tag related to the Leo Zodiac Sign (can be used as a gift card)
1 pamphlet, our short Guide to Meditation with Crystals & Grids

For a limited time I have some lovely assorted sizes of Tiger's Eye mini slabs that complement this set very well.  Please email me if you are interested and I will be adding these mini slabs to the shop shortly :)   This set is available with the items listed above, the mini slabs will be a separate add on item.

Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

These tumbled stones are considered medium size and range from about .75 to 1 inch.  You will receive similar crystals from the same batch as these are from.  This collection includes the items listed above, the smudge stick, Tree of Life Tile, Tiger's Eye slabs are all available separately in the shop and are here for display purposes only :)

If you are looking for a different Zodiac sign, please contact me and I can make one for you in usually a day or two.  Also, if this set is marked as "sold out", please contact me as I most likely can make up another set the same day.  

The prices on the Zodiac Astrology Sets vary, as each set is made with different crystals specific to each astrological sign.

Thank you!

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