Wood Cut Out Crystal Grid Bases - FB2982

Style: Dragonfly Celestial
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🌍 Discover the serenity of our handcrafted wood bases, designed to elevate your crystal grids and showcase your treasured pieces. 🙌 Each base is a unique creation, lovingly shaped to harmonize with your collection and infuse your space with calm energy.

🕊️ Delve into the profound background of the Reiki World Peace wood base. This program harnesses the power of Reiki to foster global harmony, with peace grids strategically placed at the earth’s poles and in historic Jerusalem. 🌐 These grids act as spiritual batteries, accumulating Reiki energy to disseminate peace across the globe. The magnetic placement mirrors the planet’s chakras, channeling healing vibrations to mend and balance the earth’s aura. 🌿

🌟 Handmade with care, each wood base is a testament to individuality, with variations in pattern intensity and slight size differences adding to their charm. While the crystals pictured are not included, they are available to complement your selection. Embrace this opportunity to be a part of a worldwide movement for peace and healing.

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