VitaJuwel Sleeves, Tea Strainer and Gem Water Book for ViA Gem Bottles

Accessories: $9.50 HUGS Neoprene half sleeve for GemBottle
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I am totally loving these hand-blown glass gem water accessories.  If you have a ViA Gem Water Bottle I highly recommend getting a sleeve for it as condensation can make glass a bit slippery to hold.  There are two types: a full-sleeve which covers almost the entire bottle, and a half-sleeve that allows you to still see the gemstones through the glass.

The Vita-T strainer is fabulous for adding some ginger, peppermint leaves, loose tea or whatever you would like to infuse your water with.  It comes with it's own (metal) carrying case and it fits nicely into your gem water bottle.

The Gem Water book is also very highly recommended.  It has a lot of information on gem water and crystalline energy.  It includes pictures of crystals and gemstones with metaphysical properties.  I think you get so much more from the gem water if you have a better understanding of the concept behind infusing the water with crystalline energy.

These are great, very well made, hand blown glass products from Bohemia and I hope you enjoy them.  I have priced them very competitively to make them more available to more people as I think they are fabulous!

here is a short video I took of these new items:


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