Color Energy Collection with Candles & Satin Pouches; FB1967

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Layering colors along with your crystal grids and arrangements is a wonderful way to boost your intention, manifestation and energy of your crystal layouts.

Additionally, adding candles to your rituals when creating crystal grids, manifesting or for other personal or sacred times is a wonderful practice. I use candles almost daily and find it enhances my card readings, when I create new grids, and I find the flame quite mesmerizing when I am unwinding.

This collection can give you a jump start to including and considering color when creating medicine bags, crystal grids and amulet pouches,

Included in the collection is:

  • 1 glass chime/altar/ritual size candle holder (I will choose the color for you)
  • 8 different colored chime/altar/ritual size candles
  • 8 different colored satin drawstring pouches
  • 1 double sided info card with suggestions for getting started and details on working with specific colors.

The pouches can be used to hold your chakra stones or tumbled and rough pieces that you place together with a specific intention to be carried with you, kept on your night table or to store away.

Enjoy!  I truly love this set!

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