Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone - Connection to the Inner Goddess, Intuition

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Rainbow Moonstone is a fabulous stone for women and in grids addressing women's issues. Rainbow Moonstone in particular helps women to connect to their inner personal power and femininity.  It is know for enhancing both intuition and lucid dreaming.

Your Rainbow Moonstone crystal will arrive with  sheer organza drawstring pouch with a description card.

Metaphysical Properties: With the reputation as the "traveler's stone", Moonstone is commonly used for protection.  It's energy relates to new beginnings.  A "good fortune" crystal,  Moonstone is also credited with the ability to bring balance, encourage introspection, and reflection.  It helps one to differentiate between what is desired and what one needs.  When used with crystal healing, Moonstone is used to cleanse negativity from all the chakras.  This stone also stimulates confidence and composure.  It brings success in love, and helps one to  seek more joy and happiness in their life.  It is said to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, and to support relief of the symptoms of pre-menstral stress and change of life.  - self-awareness, harmony, love, balance, protection, divination, femininity -

  • These are sold individually, and we have two sizes.  Small is about 3/4" and the medium size measure about .75 to 1 inch long.
  • Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.
  • The larger size are pictured.

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