Tumbled Polished Kyanite - Calming, Facilitator of Meditation & Aligns all Chakras FB1707

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Kyanite is one of my favorite crystals and I think everyone should have some in their metaphysical / crystal tool kit.   I have several sizes and they are good for adding in groups of 2, or 4 to grids of 4 or more crystals.

These pieces are not only tumbled and smooth, but they are polished to a lovely sheen.

Kyanite will immediately align all of the Chakras automatically with no conscious direction.  It is considered to be a great facilitator of meditation and will aid you if you are having difficulty settling the mind when meditation or relaxation is desired.  It can open the Third Eye Chakra where it enhances foresight, meditation, psychic awareness and communication, and all are stimulated on all levels.  Encourages your ability to manifest.  It aids with making decisions and encourages compassion.  

-calming, tranquility, facilitates meditation, decision making, compassion -

  • Each piece has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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