Tumbled Pietersite, Brown - The Tempest Stone, for willpower, courage and energizing

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Tumbled pietersite is wonderful to use in grids with the intention of bringing strength, courage or willpower. It is known as the Tempest Stone and has a very strong energizing feel to it.

It is said to assist you in making necessary changes with it’s very strong cleansing energy.  It will help you to let go of negative and unwanted habits that may be detrimental to your life.  This stone connects to your deeper spiritual inner self prompting one to access spiritual guidance.

Pietersite is said to be connected with the energy of the storm element, allowing it to purify one’s body and energies. Tremendously energizing to the wearer, it can augment strength, will power, courage, and awareness of the higher planes.

These pieces have a beautiful polish and color. The small (group B) are close to 3/4" and the medium (group C) are about 1" across. Collection A are larger and chunky. Enjoy!

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