Tumbled Nuumite for deep relaxation and psychic visions

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These tumbled stones are a nice size, medium about 1" across.
Nuummite is called the The ‘Stone of Meditation’ because it is an excellent choice for meditation and deep relaxation.  Nuummite is of is of volcanic origin and was originally discovered somewhere in the 1980’s. It encourages a calm mind and body in preparation of the relaxed state one must achieve in order to obtain a deep meditation experience.
Nuummite is said to develop and heighten psychic visions, augment dreamings. It is a protector in that it wards of negative intent of others. It is also believed to elevate feelings, thoughts and mood. – intuition, insight, stress reliever, manifestation, past life recall, inner power –
These are wonderful additions to a crysta grid or to carry with you in a small medicine bag or personal pouch. These tumbled stones have amazing reflective minerals beneath the surface, mostly in a coppery color.
All our crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid and will come to you in a drawstring pouch with a crystal description card.

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