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Emerald: Mid Green
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Emerald is a stone for mental clarity and for bringing buried knowledge to the forefront of our minds.  It is a Heart Chakra stone and a good crystal for relationships as it brings more balance to relationships, promotes friendships and encourages happiness between partners.  It is also a stone of compassion and unconditional love.  It also helps promote positive outcomes by helping one to let go of negative feelings.

These tumbled stones, like all our crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and then bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid before being carefully packed away.

These are considered to be medium size and measure up to 1 inch long.  These are excellent quality and have a nice deep green color and wonderful finish.

Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

You will receive a drawstring pouch and crystal description card with your tumbled stones.    

Daisy, just like my black cat Morrighan, loves to pick one or two tumbled stones and then wiggle around until the stones are under them.  My other 3 cats prefer to bat them around in a game of cat hockey :)  Daisy really likes the emeralds, which is interesting as her eyes are emerald green too!

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