Tumbled Chrysoprase for homesickness, inspiration, shielding; FB1653

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I haven't been carrying tumbled chrysoprase as I hadn't found any that really pulled me in like this new collection does. These have amazing energy, shine, colors and feel to them! I love them

Chrysoprase is said to have the ability to mend a broken heart and helps one to deal with feelings of homesickness by bringing feelings of inner peace and security.

As it activates the Heart Chakra It can bring hope, joy, love, happiness and success. It is said to help bring inspiration and creative or innovative ideas and aids in manifesting abundance, harmony and contentment. It has been said to aid with the symptoms of rheumatism. This stone is also said to shield against negativity and is a protection stone.

– joy, happiness, courage, homesickness, balance, hope, luck, love -

All our crystals have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid and will come to you with a drawstring pouch and crystal description card.

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