Tumbled Celestite from Madagascar; FB1356

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I've probably written this a thousand times :), but Celestite is one of my all time favorite crystals! It is a wonderful facilitator of meditation and is known for its calming properties. It also is nice to keep on your night table as it is said to help with dream recall and facilitate sleeping, or place on your desk to promote calm and harmony. It enhances communication with the Angelic Realms.

Like all our crystals, these celestite sphere has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight and rested in our copper / crystal pyramid for at least 25 hours.

Celestite is known for being a stone of peace and harmony.  It is excellent to use in or keep near your crystal grids as it is a wonderful facilitator of meditation.  It is said to help with connecting to the Angelic Realm and higher realms.

It is also credited with aiding in dream recollection and can assist in recalling dreams with special clarity.  Quiets the mind and soothes nerves.  It is considered to be a powerful healing crystal and it allows one to more easily manage traumatic times in their life and it brings mental calm and clarity in the midst of chaotic circumstances. 

Celestite is known for bringing harmony and balance, and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace.  It helps with shyness, and can relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors.  It helps the Throat Chakra and encourages honesty and openness.  
gentlenessdispels negativity, stress, anxiety, shyness, Angelic realm, dream recall, mental calm, clarity,  supports loyalty, courage

***Do not cleanse in sunlight, place on a windowsill for one full night to bathe this crystal with the moon's energies.

The extra large are about 1 1/2" long and / or very chunky.
The large are about 1" or more and chunky.
The medium are about 3/4" long
The small are about 1/2" to 3/4"
The extra small are about 1/2"

  • You will receive one crystal from the tumbled stones that is similar to the ones pictured in the photos. 
  • You will receive a drawstring pouch and crystal description card with your tumbled stones.     

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