Tumbled Bronzite for decision, big picture, empowerment

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Known as the ‘Stone of Courtesy’, bronzite is said to enhance your state of assertiveness yet strengthen non-judgmental discernment.

Bronzite is known to aid in situations where decisive action is needed in your life. Bronzite is said to aid in seeing ‘the big picture’ and empowering you to make difficult choices where you may normally feel reluctant, non-objective, or even powerless to do so otherwise. 

Our bronzite comes in two sizes: regular and smaller. The regular sized bronzite is from 3/4" and thicker to longer 1"-1 3/4" and flatter but with a nice sheen. The smaller sized bronzite is generally about 1/2" to 3/4" in length. Both sizes are excellent for grid work or carrying with you in a pouch.

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