Tumbled Amethyst Chevron, Cube-like shape, SET of 5, FB2607

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These amethyst chevron tumbled stones are a beautiful and useful addition to one's crystal collection.

Amethyst has a variety of metaphysical properties that make it a popular choice for crystal healing and spiritual practices. Its ability to activate the third eye and crown chakras can aid in meditation and connecting with higher consciousness. It is also known for its calming and soothing properties, making it helpful for reducing anxiety, stress, and promoting tranquility.

The sobriety stone aspect of amethyst is also interesting and can be helpful for those struggling with addiction or other unhealthy habits. Its ability to aid in developing psychic abilities can be a useful tool for those interested in exploring their intuition and spirituality.

The included drawstring pouch and crystal description card are also helpful for keeping the stones organized and learning more about their properties.

Overall, these amethyst chevron tumbled stones are a lovely and versatile addition to your crystal collection.

These pieces have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and placed in a copper pyramid and bathed in moonlight.

Please see the photo with the ruler for size reference.  The standing points and wood sphere holders are available separately.

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