Travel Protection Pouch, Crystals & Black Tourmaline Oil infused Feverfew

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This collection includes crystals (and feverfew) that historically have been used for safe travel:

  • Moonstone – known as the “Traveler’s Stone”, moonstone is commonly used for protection. It also stimulates confidence and composure, two qualities that help ease the stresses of traveling.
  • Amethyst: a traditional protection stone, good for overall protection for repelling negative energy, it is especially known for protecting travelers, and for protection from theft.
  • Smokey Quartz: helps protect from chaotic or frenzied energies you may encounter during travel; it helps to dissipate tension &negative energy.
  • Black Obsidian: is grounding and good for protection & intuition.
  • Aquamarineis excellent to have near the water and is said to calm nerves and stress associated with travelling.
  • Feverfew leaves: considered to be a protection herb that is especially known for protecting travelers. 
  • Black Tourmaline Protection Oil the Feverfew leaves have been infused with a blend of essential oils that are housed in bottles with black tourmaline.

A tag is included with the names of the crystals and other ingredients as well as an info sheet detailing why each item was included.

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