Tiger Eye Sphere for clarity, prosperity, psychic abilities FB2224

Size: 23mm to 26mm (approx)
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Tiger Eye is great for helping one to achieve clarity in difficult situations.  It can be used with the Third Eye Chakra to enhance the psychic abilities.  It not only is used to obtain prosperity, but is also useful for helping one manage their finances wisely.

This is a good stone to use to find and use your personal power and give you the motivation to achieve your desires and goals.  It helps to boost your willpower while, looking at the positive side of things instead of the negative and it can produce soothing vibrations, inspiring a feeling of calm during chaos.

All my crystals have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

  • 23mm to 26mm size, $4.75 each, 15 available
  • 30mm, $6 each, 6 available

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