Sterling Silver Ornate Poison / Prayer Locket Pendant; FB2522

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Sterling Silver Charms/ Pendants: Collection A - Poison / Prayer Locket with Cab on Front
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These are handcrafted sterling silver poison locket pendants all special ordered from my favorite silversmith in the UK.

Poison lockets, similar to poison rings and poison boxes, became quite popular during the 16th Century.  These pieces have a small compartment, and according to lore, where tiny items may be hidden, including a tiny parchment with a prayer, or even poison, if the wearer so chose 😊

The detail in these pieces is intricate and very beautiful and each one has a small gemstone cabochon either on the front or the bottom of the piece.

The top clasp is quite clever and I have never had one of mine open by itself when securely latched.

These measure about 1 1/2" from bale to the bottom and  each one comes with a velvet pouch.

I have two styles available, Collection A has the stone on the front of the piece and Collection B has the stone on the end of the piece. 

You cannot choose the stone but you can choose either a locket from A or B.  Some of the stones available are garnet, amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, and possibly others but as my inventory changes all the time you will randomly receive one of these stones 🧡


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