Solid Sterling Silver Bands / Rings Engraved "Witchy", "Magick", and "Blessed Be", Gift Boxed FB1005

Size: 5/5 to 6
Sale price$ 19.00
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More wonderful silver pieces from the silversmith in the UK. 

Sterling silver bands engraved with either "WITCHY", "MAGICK" or "BLESSED BE" 

At the moment I have a limited amount of rings in certain sizes - they will come with a gift box also making them a perfect gift 🍁

This post is for the 925 Sterling Silver band ring engraved (see choices below) - wear alone, as a midi ring or stack to create a unique look. These are about 5mm wide.
Once I receive enough to place a minimum order (I am almost there!) and the pre-order invoices are paid, they will ship our goodies to us!
If anything catches your eye, please let me know asap and I will send you an invoice. These are coming from the UK so I expect them within 14 days of me placing the order. I will also include a gift box with a small silver bow or black bow with each order.
Sterling Silver Rings with Engraved Band – $19 each, most sizes are available, only the Elfish Script, Blessed Be and So Mote It Be are now available in the two largest sizes)

$20 - Elf script ring: 925 sterling silver Elvish ring inscribed on both the outside and inside of the band. Nice and weighty and very popular! USA sizes: 5, 6.5/7, 7.5/8, 8.5/9, 9.5/10, 10.5/11 (additional $2), 11.5/12 (additional $3)

Options available:
Blessed Be – AVAILABLE in the larger sizes now
La Luna
Moon Child
So Mote It Be - AVAILABLE in the larger sizes now
New sizing is available for some rings (in USA sizes): 5, 6.5/7, 7.5/8, 8.5/9, 9.5/10, 10.5/11 (additional $2), 11.5/12 (additional $2)


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