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🌟 Agate Slabs: Earth’s Canvas 🌿✨

Agate slabs hold a special place in my heart! Their soothing colors and smooth finish make them perfect as mini bases for your favorite tumbled stones, small points, or clusters. Let’s explore the metaphysical magic of these earthly canvases. 🎨🌏

💎 Group A: These slabs feature solid centers, mostly in calming tans or browns with cream or darker highlights. At just $2.00 each, they’re a steal for grounding and stability. 🌟

💫 Group B: Slightly larger than Group A, these slabs continue the warm tones. Their solid centers exude a comforting energy. Yours for $2.60 each. 🌄

🌊 Group C: Dive into the blues! These slabs blend shades of blue with hints of tan. Some even boast delicate drusy patterns. At $3.35 each, they’re like ocean waves frozen in stone. 🌊

🌸 Group D: Elongated and diverse, these slabs come in assorted colors. Some carry a touch of druse, adding sparkle to their beauty. For $3.50 each, they’re a journey through Agate’s spectrum. 🌈

🌑 Group E: Dark and mysterious, these black and dark gray elongated shapes hold secrets. At just $1.10 each, they’re like shadows waiting to reveal their wisdom. 🌑

🦋 Magical Arrival: Your order includes a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card. Let these Agate slabs inspire your crystal journey! 🌟

🔗 #crystalmagic #crystaldragonfly

Feel the Earth’s embrace as you explore the hidden stories within each slab. 🌿🔮

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