Single Terminated Wands for Reiki and Energy Healing & Crystal Grids FB2039

Material: Zebra Jasper
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These stone carvings have lovely color and measure about 3 1/8" long by about 5/8" wide.  These are terminated on one end for directing energy and rounded on the opposite end.

🖤🩷 Find Your Center with Zebra Jasper 🩷🖤

Embrace the grounding energies of #ZebraJasper, with this wand of balance and stability. This lovely terminated wand, with its unique black and pink patterns, represents the balance between masculine and feminine, yin and yang, helping to stabilize your personal energy fields. Perfect for those seeking harmony in life's constant changes. 🌗✨

#GroundingEnergy #YinYangBalance #StabilityStone #ZebraJasperMagic #ProtectiveStone #HarmonySeeker #ZebraJasperEnergy #SpiritualArmor

 🌊🌿 Unveil Inner Peace with #Amazonite 🌿🌊
Dive deep into tranquility and harmony with mesmerizing #Amazonite, the Stone of Soothing Waves 💎

Known for its stellar properties in filtering out stresses, it guides you towards a state of serene communication and personal truth. Embrace the calm, speak your truth, and find balance in life's chaos. 💙

Just like every gem in our collection, these captivating pieces have been harmoniously re-energized using vibrational sound therapy and have spent a night basking under the moonlight underneath a copper pyramid.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a sheer drawstring pouch.

#SoothingStone #HeartChakra #BalanceLife #HarmonySeeker #SelfExpression #AuthenticityRocks #PeacefulHeart #EmpowermentEnergy #HealingCrystals #GrowthJourney #RenewalStone #UniversalLove

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