Shea Butter Bath Cookies Gift Collection; FB1384

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What a fabulous treat!  Bath Cookies made with skin nourishing Shea Butter and lovely fragrances!  They also include water softening baking soda & citric acid and hand blended fragrances.

Orange Blossom A juicy combination of refreshing orange and spicy neroli

  • Vanilla Creamy & warm vanilla
  • Rose Blooming roses
  • Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fresh raspberries warmed with a touch of vanilla
  • Honey Lavender Sweet honey notes under fresh lavender flowers

Drop one "cookie" into your bath and enjoy!  These are gift boxed and each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. 

Made with Shea Butter, Baking Soda, Organic Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sufoacetate (baby safe bubbling agent), Zea Maize Starch, Hand blended fragrances, and cosmetic coloring.

These are Cruelty Free, Made with Biodegradable & Renewable Ingredients, Vegan

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