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Selenite Twist Wand with Terminated Point, ethereal and purifying; FB1921

Size: 4" Twist Wand
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🌟 Crystal Magic: Selenite’s Vibrant Energy 🌟

Selenite, the ancient record keeper, weaves a tale of clarity and strength. Its pristine white hue symbolizes purity, while its metaphysical properties resonate with wisdom and protection. Let us delve into the luminous world of Selenite.

🌿 Selenite’s Essence 🌿 This crystal is a gentle guide, urging us to release pain and negativity. It acts as a bridge between our earthly existence and the celestial realms. Selenite’s high vibration clears energy blockages, allowing fluidity like liquid light. As you hold it, feel its soothing energy connect you to spiritual guides and evoke the protective embrace of the Angelic Realm.

🌙 Channeling Light and Wisdom 🌙 Selenite, a ‘mental body stone,’ transmits energy, light, and information. It aligns and purifies your aura, opening pathways for clarity and insight. Imagine wielding a Selenite wand—a conduit for peace, abundance, and personal power. These hand-carved wands, polished to perfection, measure over 6 inches. Re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight, they await your healing touch. Whether for crystal healing, Reiki, or crystal grids, let Selenite illuminate your journey.

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