Selenite Thick Etched Display / Charging Plates / Bases FB1553

Style: Flower of Life - Hexagon
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ūüĒģ Step into a world of serenity with our¬†thick and solid Selenite display plates, available in both round and hexagonal shapes. Each plate is a testament to protection and life, with one featuring the¬†Hamsa¬†for safeguarding and the others adorned with the¬†Flower of Life¬†for spiritual connectivity. Selenite‚Äôs pure energy is essential for any metaphysical enthusiast.

ūüĆŅ These polished plates are not just for display; they‚Äôre a sanctuary for your crystals. Whether you‚Äôre crafting a grid or seeking a focal point for meditation, these plates invite the powerful vibrations of guidance from spirit guardians and the protective embrace of the Angelic Realm.

ūüĆē Charged with vibrational sound and moonlit blessings beneath a copper pyramid, these Selenite plates are ready to be the cornerstone of your spiritual practice. Wrapped carefully to maintain their pristine condition, they await to join your journey of enlightenment.

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