Selenite Etched Round Charging Plates / Bases for crystal grids and display; FB1488

Style: 3" round selenite
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🔮 Elevate your crystal experience with our solid round Selenite charging plates, the cornerstone of any metaphysical collection. Selenite’s pure and potent energy is a beacon of clarity and power, essential for any spiritual connoisseur. 🌕 The smooth top rounds, measuring about 3 inches in diameter, serve as the perfect pedestal for your crystals, enhancing your grid or serving as a sacred point for affirmations and meditation.

🌟 For those seeking a more substantial presence, our thicker 3 1/2" to 4" pieces, weighing about 3/4 lb with beautifully rounded beveled edges, are offered at $20.00 each. These robust plates are designed to harness Selenite’s powerful vibrations for guidance and protection from your spirit guardians and the Angelic Realm. 🕉️ The etched Selenite bases, about 3 1/2" across, feature a drilled hole for incense and the sacred Om symbol, nestled within a mandala pattern, inviting a deeper spiritual connection.

🌙 Each piece, having been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight beneath a copper pyramid, is primed to channel celestial energies into your space. Allow these Selenite plates to be the foundation of your spiritual practice, a place where intentions are amplified and serenity reigns.

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