Selenite Points, small and perfect for crystal grids, Set of 2 FB3366

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🔮 Embrace the serene energy of our small, polished selenite points, ideal for anchoring a crystal grid or shining solo as a display piece. Their six-faceted tops converge to form a generator point, channeling the essence of clarity and purity. 🌙

💎 Each selenite point has been lovingly polished, cut, and energetically charged to serve as a beacon of tranquil energy. Infused with vibrations from sound tuning and bathed in moonlight within a copper pyramid, they resonate with a harmonious frequency. 🌌

🎁 Ready to enhance your spiritual practice, this set arrives with a crystal description card, detailing the unique metaphysical properties of your selenite. It’s more than a crystal; it’s a tool for transformation and clarity on your journey. 🌟

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