Selenite Decorative Knife / Anthame FB1872

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These selenite carved knives are polished to a smooth and luminescent sheen.  They make a lovely and unique gift or addition to any crystal collection.  Typical of selenite which is a very soft material these have various small lines, marks, etc visible on and below the surface of the piece.

For those who like to do so, these are considered by some to be a fabulous crystal for cleansing and charging other crystals.  Selenite is considered to be centuries old record keepers of information and events.  It is said to help one to "let go" of those things that are painful to us or destructive to our well-being.  Selenite has a very strong vibration, helps you connect with your spiritual guides and guardians,  and evokes protection from the Angelic Realm.

Selenite is fabulous to be used for channeling as it is considered to be a 'mental body stone' has the ability to transmit energy light and information.  It is used to open, align and clear the aura bodies.   With intent Selenite wands can be a powerful tool.  Make sure you are centered and balanced before using selenite in meditation.   

- peace, abundance and personal power, soothing, calm, protection, luck, insight into past and future -

The knife has much symbolism associated with cutting ties, ethereal cords, and breaking away from something, some time, some memory or some person.

Selenite is considered a soft stone measuring only 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  It is somewhat fragile and needs to be handled with care.  Do not expose it to salt or moisture. Please handle lovingly!

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