Selenite Heart with Etched Cat on a Crescent Moon from Morocco FB3407

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These lovely selenite hearts are hand made by artisans in Morocco, and measure approx. 2" across.

Embrace the whimsical charm of the Selenite Heart 🌸, featuring an enchanting etched cat 🐱 perched on a crescent moon 🌙, reaching out to a delicate butterfly 🦋. This piece is a perfect addition to any crystal collection and a mesmerizing gift for any occasion 🎁.

Renowned for its profound healing and purifying properties, Selenite is believed to protect individuals and spaces from negative influences while promoting mental clarity and the flow of positive energies 🌈.

The intense vibration of Selenite as it awakens all Chakras, particularly the Crown Chakra, fostering tranquility, serenity, and spiritual growth 🌟. It’s ideal for meditation, healing sessions, and enhancing spiritual connection 🧘‍♀️.

Moreover, this luminous stone revitalizes gemstone jewelry and crystals, clearing, charging, and rejuvenating their energies 🔋.

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