Selenite Hamsa, Evil Eye Protection Carving FB3165

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A hamsa hand 🤲 carved from the luminous selenite crystal 🌟 brings together the ancient power of protection with the healing energies of one of the most sacred minerals.

🕊️ Selenite, known for its pristine clarity and purifying properties, becomes a beacon of light and purity when shaped into this revered symbol. As a powerful talisman, this selenite hamsa carries with it the blessings of cleansing, healing, and spiritual illumination, making it a quintessential piece for those seeking to fortify their spaces against negativity while inviting serenity and positive vibrations ✨

🌿 The Hamsa has long been celebrated across cultures as a protective emblem that brings its owner luck, health, happiness, and good fortune. When crafted from selenite, this symbol not only repels negative energies but also enhances mental clarity and peace, promoting a sense of deep well-being and spiritual harmony 💖

🌕 The marriage of selenite's metaphysical properties with the Hamsa's protective lore creates a powerful ally in fostering positivity and prosperity in one's life 🔮

Each selenite hamsa has been lovingly re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in the soft glow of moonlight atop a copper pyramid, amplifying its celestial connection and energy⚡

Accompanied by a crystal description card and a selenite care card, this piece is a must-have for enthusiasts and practitioners alike, serving as a guardian of peace and a beacon of spiritual clarity in any collection 🌺📿

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