Selenite and Antiqued Copper Pendants

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Cindy makes these beautiful pendants and she really goes the extra mile when it comes to treating and protecting this precious selenite. I am going to post most of the information that she offers about these pendants as I can't improve on it in any way. I would like to add that I love the combination of the copper and selenite and I think her design is just perfect.

🔆Pretty copper Rosette with tails.
🔅Selenite has been sealed to protect it so you do not have to worry about ruining it with any type of moisture. (This does not change the metaphysical properties.
🔅All will be wrapped in Copper only. 🔅Aged and sanded to a bright shine.
🔅They are all about 1 1/2"-2" long by 1/4" wide. The diagonal copper style is a little over 1/4" to a little over 1/2" wide.
🔅I will be honored to intuitively pick the perfect one just for you.
🔅Each pendant will get a thin braided color necklace. They are 16-18" with their extender chain.

Selenite is by far one of the most powerful and one of the highest vibrational stones existing on our planet at this time. I personally work very extensively with the various colors and varieties of quartz, but selenite is one of those rare stones that I work with and love just as much as quartz. If you resonate with this stone, it is possible to experience amazing healing, revelation, and expansion with this stone.

I send out the pendants with crystal description cards and a drawstring pouch in addition to the braided necklace.  Each pendant has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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