Scolecite Pocket Heart for calm, sleep and communication FB1185

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Metaphysical Magic Unveiled: Nestled within the heart of this Scolecite pocket heart, cosmic energies converge. Carved by ancient hands, it resonates with the Soul Star chakra, a celestial gateway above the crown. 🌌✨

Embrace the Energies: Scolecite dances between realms, a gentle yet potent force. It weaves threads of inner peace, meditation, and astral travel. Its white purity whispers of clarity, while the heart chakra sings in harmony. 🌿🌟

Unlock Your Inner Oracle: As moonlight bathes these crystals, they absorb its luminous essence. Communication flows, intuition awakens, and calm settles like stardust. Let their vibrations guide you toward self-love and enlightenment. 🌙🌿

🔮 #CrystalMagic #CrystalDragonfly 🔮

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