Sacred Geometry, Goddess Altar Cloth / Crystal Grid Base / Layout FB2233

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A crystal grid is a combination of crystals placed in a geometric pattern.  A crystal grid can be placed on a tabletop, dresser, tile, gemstone slab or any other flat surface. 

This altar cloth is perfect to use as a layout for symmetrical placement of your crystal grids or other crystal / stone arrangements.

I like combining Sacred Geometry or other meaningful patterns with my crystal grids to "elevate" the energies of the crystals and to give my grid a feeling of symmetry and union with powerful visual imagery.  A base or layout can help with intent, to help you focus, function as a guide for crystal placement or simply as part of your personal ritual when creating crystal grids.

This is a sacred goddess / femininity pattern in silver centered on dark blue cloth measuring 18" by 18" that can be used as a base for arranging your crystals into a grid of you choosing.

These also come with detailed information on how to easily and effectively create a crystal grid using this wonderful addition to your collection.

Please note the tumbled stones and quartz point are available separately.

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