Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Base / Layout / Card-stock Flower of Life

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A card-stock layout featuring the Flower of Life suitable for

I like combining Sacred Geometry patterns with my grids to "elevate" the energies of the crystals and to give my grid a feeling of symmetry and union with the powerful Sacred Geometry images.  A base or layout can help with intent, to help you focus, function as a guide for crystal placement or simply as part of your personal ritual when creating crystal grids.

This is a Sacred Geometry pattern called the Flower of Life centered on a piece of card-stock that can be used as a base for arranging your crystals into a grid of you choosing.

The layout measures about 5" across.

This listing is for the layout only.  The crystals are for illustrative purposes only (the Banish Anxiety and Worries grid) and are available separately in the Shoppe.

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