Red Jasper Winter / Santa Hat, Boots or Candy Cane FB2360

Style: Santa Hat
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These carved hats and candy canes are so adorable and perfect for the holidays.  They are perfect for gift giving while also gifting a stone with lovely metaphysical properties!

Red Jasper is called the Nurturing Stone. Red Jasper can help one recognize a solution to a problem and helps one to recall dreams and to be better able to interpret the messages in those dreams.  It is called the Nurturing Stone, and has been called the Supreme Nurturer.

It is a warm and comforting stone and is also considered to be a stone of protection. It encourages turning your ideas into action and helps one with the ability to be organized. To help you remember dreams you can sleep with red jasper under your pillow.

  You will also receive an organza drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.

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