Prosperity Pieces for Crystal Grids or Prosperity Layouts FB1550

Prosperity Pieces: Prosperity Fish, Green
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I have some special pieces that are perfect to use at home or your business for prosperity, good fortune, and business success.

🧧       Prosperity Buddha with Brass Finish - This is a smiling golden resin Buddha conveying happiness with great energy.   Buddha is holding in one hand a large bag of money and treasures making this a perfect symbol for your office or home.  Dimension:  4" H

🪙       Money Tree with Coins - This tree is quirky, unique and very popular!  In Asian cultures, coins and "money trees" are often used to symbolize financial security.  This money tree is chock full of ancient coin replicas - with moveable branches. This is a very popular gift for a home, a business or office!   Dimensions:  2.5"D x 4.25"

🐸       (small size) A gold painted resin Money Frog or “Chan Chu” which is a symbol of luck and good fortune.  This frog also comes with a tiny I-Ching coin.

🐸       (large size) A gold painted resin Money Frog or “Chan Chu” which is a symbol of luck and good fortune.  The frog is said to bring money to the owner and is very lucky for business.

🐟       An enamel Prosperity Fish or “Anowana” which symbolizes abundance and wealth.  Many people place these in their home or business to encourage the flow of good fortune, luck, prosperity and wealth. This fish can be hung from a chain or string or used as the center piece in a crystal grid.

☘️       Set of “lucky coins” modeled after ancient Chinese coins which used to be worn as amulets of protection and are used in Feng Shui to represent prosperity and wealth. Great to use for prosperity, abundance or money crystal grids and layouts. Description card is also included

🔮       A laminated prosperity layout with two prosperity affirmations printed on the edges which can be used for crystal grids, displaying your prosperity stones or figurines, or your special carved pieces.

The Money Frog, Prosperity Fish and Lucky Coins each come with their own information card.


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