Petrified Palm Root from Indonesia, Standing Generator Polished Point (Tower) FB2796

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Dive into the grounding energy of Petrified Palm Root with this exquisite polished points 🌴✨

Known for its powerful metaphysical properties, this stone offers protection, grounding, and practical wisdom. It's the perfect anchor for your crystal grid or a striking standalone piece in your sacred space.

Each point has been carefully polished and shaped into a six-faceted generator point, designed to direct energy and intention skyward. 🌟

The captivating colors and patterns within each carving celebrate the unique beauty found in this petrified palm root.

✨ Each of these pieces has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in the gentle light of the moon under a copper pyramid. This enhances their energetic properties, ensuring that they are ready to bring positive vibrations into your space. ✨

#CrystalMagic #CrystalDragonfly #generatorpoint #grounding #protection

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