Pet Grid for calming and anxiety featuring Dalmatian Stone

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This is a custom order grid that I am adding as a collection as I do receive many similar requests.  This grid is meant to be placed in a location where your pet sleeps (although out of reach of course!) or spends much time.  And it also is helpful for the humans in the house!

  • 3 Dalmatian Stone - this stone has an affinity for animals and is calming
  • 4 small Amethyst Points - for frayed nerves & calming energy
  • 3 Blue Lace Agate - calming and anxiety
  • 1 Large Moonstone in the center – calm and nurturing
  • 1 Information sheet identifying the crystals included with cleansing & set up guidance.
  • 1 Drawstring Pouch

The Sacred Geometry tile is not included in the set, but is available separately in the Sacred Geometry Collection in the shop.


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