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Confidence Crystal Collection: Patience Crystal Collection
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This collection includes crystals to help encourage one to feel patient with others and to increase patience with yourself.

  • Labradorite – encourages patience, releases apprehension and insecurities and is very helpful with navigating changes and transitions in your life.
  • Petrified Wood – This is a good grounding stone that also encourages feelings of contentment, calm and patience.
  • White Howlite – encourages you to bring greater gentleness to others and to difficult situations. Can help you to be more subtle, tactful and to deal with situations with more patience.

You can carry these crystals with you in the pouch or create a crystal grid with them.  To create a crystal grid, place the crystals in a circular pattern with one crystal in the center.  You may also place a pyramid, sphere or other larger crystal in the center if you have one.

You will receive 3 Labradorite tumbled stones, 3 White Howlite tumbled stones, 1 Petrified Wood tumbled stone, 1 velvet pouch, crystal description cards and an info sheet.

Please Note:  The copper / mirror crystal grid base is available separately.

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