Orgone / Organite Round Plate / Display Piece / Base, Chakra stones; FB2473

Size: Chakra Tree of LIfe with copper Trunk
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A wonderful centerpiece for your crystal grid or to place on your personal altar or sacred space.
These are handmade and measure just about 4" across and are so wonderful to use for grids with intentions of transition, change, transformation, prosperity, good luck, strength, harmony, peace and purity, or for chakra work.

The spiral that appears in some of these pieces is a very ancient, universal and widely used symbol that represents evolution, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, and the inevitability of birth & death.

There are 3 variations (2 of each available):  Chakra Tree of Life with copper Trunk, Chakra Hearts with copper Spirals, and the Chakra Circles with copper Spirals.

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