Copper Bowl, Assorted emblems, Altar, Ritual, Incense or Blessing bowls; FB1580

Title: Hamsa / Copper Bowl
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🌟 Discover the charm of these 3" by 3" copper and brass bowls, a blend of beauty and utility that will grace your sacred spaces. Whether it’s your altar or desk, these bowls are perfect for offerings, holding incense with a bit of sand, or cradling your crystals, enhancing their energy with copper’s conductive properties.

🔮 Not just ordinary bowls, these are crafted from genuine copper and brass, materials known for their metaphysical properties of channeling energy and grounding. They’re not only a treat for the eyes but also serve as a functional piece in any spiritual practice, resonating with the vibrations of the earth.

🦉 While they radiate timeless elegance, these bowls do ask for a little care. A quick polish with copper cleaner every few months will keep them shining bright, reflecting your devotion and care.

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